Tone Of Voice

Speaking your language. 

How you say something is often more important than what you say. If you want to realise the full potential of your written communications, then you need to be mindful of tone of voice (TOV).

Think about it; you wouldn’t write a text message to a loved one in the same style as an email to a potential client. And you certainly wouldn’t arrange a meeting like you were arranging a night out with friends.

A strong TOV lets you connect with the intended audience in a way that is relatable, that creates a good brand impression, and leads to a stronger relationship.

How Blossom Tree finds your voice:


  • Current TOV audit

  • TOV discovery session

  • Develop TOV and guidelines

  • Implement new TOV across platforms

  • Tweaking existing copy

We recently worked with Mark to redo the copy across our entire website. What we had was all a bit too “corporate boring” and didn’t match our personality at all. Mark made a real effort to get to know us, understand our business and really “who” we are. He then went off, needed no additional input and came back with something ABSOLUTELY LEGENDARY! We’ve incorporate every single word he wrote for us, it’s perfect! If you need a copywriter, Mark is awesome!


– Scott Riley, Cloud Nexus

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This is where you’ll find the big ideas. If you want a script for TV/radio/online then step this way. Likewise if you have a brand in need of an eye-grabbing strapline.

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