More than just supporting my back and bum, this seat supported me through 9 years of copywriting.

My chair is kaput, and so I must say farewell. You may be wondering why this slightly battered piece of office furniture deserves a full post, but the fact is that this seat, with its ergonomic design and lumbar support, has been a huge part of my business and my life for 9 years.

In that time, it has been a constant throughout big moments such as:

? My MA in public relations in 2011, which I wouldn’t be here doing what I’m doing without.
? My first foray into freelancing, back in 2012.
? Untold hours of gaming.
? The second, more successful attempt at freelancing and becoming a sole trader in 2015
? Writing messages to the girl I’d fall in love with and start a proper, grown-up life with.
? A few too many nightcaps when my Mam died in 2017.
? When things got properly serious and Blossom Tree Copy Agency Ltd. was established.
? Moving into my own house and installing said chair in the office.


Sometimes a chair is just furniture, but sometimes it’s a real fixture in your life.

So long then, old chair. Thanks for keeping my back supported and my bum cheeks cushioned throughout so much.

Who knows what the next chair will be a part of?