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Overflowing with creative juices.

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I love creative work. I absolutely adore it. Talking through a brand’s strengths and goals, what it is they want to promote, and coming up with the imagery, tone and feel for a campaign is just about the most fun this copywriter can have.

The variety of options is also incredibly exciting. Do you need a short, snappy strapline, or a story told across the page? Do you want to make readers laugh? Make them think? Both? The possibilities are endless.

And with video emerging as a hugely powerful tool for engagement, now is the time to get some properly scripted and adverts and social media content.


Here’s what’s fresh:


  • Concept generation

  • Script writing (concept, direction, and dialogue)

  • Ad copy

  • Slogans, tags, and straplines

  • Creative and TOV alignment

I had the pleasure of working with Mark on a recent project requiring a series of scripts for a social video campaign. Marks work hit the brief first time, agency and client all very happy. Professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend.

– Lee Ashton, Bugler Smith

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Here’s what else Blossom Tree can do.

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Copywriting and Editing

Need a series of blogs written? How about a website or case studies? This is where you’ll find all the standard copywriting and editing services on offer.

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Tone of Voice

What you say is only as good as how you say it. With TOV work, we can dig down to find the best way to get your message across to the right audiences.

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