When you need to pick a brain first

Whether you need a guiding hand in zhuzhing up your copy (yes, that’s a word), or you’re not sure how your friendly neighbourhood copywriter could help, it’s good to talk. 

There’s three sessions to choose from:

promotional imgae mark grainger blossom tree copy agency freelance copywriter

Half hour of Power

[Free for a limited time – 30mins, obvs]

For when you want to pick a copywriter’s brain without necessarily kicking off a new project.

  • General copy and content questions answered and ideas explored

  • The full attention of an experienced copywriter

  • Get a jump on copy and content ideas

mark grainger, freelance copywriter at blossom tree copy sitting

No more boring copy

[£120 – 45min-1hr]

Is your copy dull as dishwater? In this session we’ll get you thinking less generic and more ‘gee wow!’

  • How to be less boring (and why it’s better in the long run)

  • Finding the right place for humour, and where the line is

  • Resisting the dull and overused

Mark grainger freelance copywriter and tone of voice expert

Tone your voice

[£150 – 1hr]

Time to pick up some figurative weights, do some metaphorical heavy-lifting, and start to tone up that company voice of yours.

  • Finding a TOV that fits your business and getting it off the ground

  • Exercises (they’re fun I promise, nothing too cringe)

  • Troubleshooting and going forward

Mark is a versatile and diligent copywriter. He’s curious, determined, and creative. Mark also has a great way about him and is as comfortable liaising with clients and account teams as he is finding the words that communicate with impact and persuasion.


– Peter Stepeh, MOI Global