Grab a bargain with BTCA copywriting bundles

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High value copy support, for a nicer price

That sounds, well, nice, doesn’t it? It’s fair to say that that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on businesses, especially SMEs and sole traders, with falling profits and shrinking budgets. Which got us thinking. 

That’s why we’ve put together three special bundles to help SMEs and sole traders get the copy support they need. Each bundle contains an exact service, and is being offered at a special knock-down price to help you out.

If that wasn’t tempting enough, there’s also a discount available when you buy multiple bundles. It’s just our way of spreading the love in the time of corona virus. 

Get Social Bundle


We’ll give you one month’s worth of finely crafted, artisanal social media content. Pick your preferred platform (FB/Twitter/ LinkedIn, Insta captions) and we’ll provide the words to get people engaging.

The bundle includes up to 12 posts, or three posts per week if you’d rather look it at that way.


4X Blog Bundle


Blossom Tree will provide you with four, totally fresh, blogs that you can use on your site and social media channels. Headers, links, and keywords (supplied by you) will be included to give organic SEO a boost.

Each blog will be up to 800 words, and you’ll get one round of amends for best results.

TOV SOS Bundle


Tell us how you want to come across, and we’ll evaluate your written content. You’ll then get a roadmap document to keep that’ll highlight issues and makes suggestions for improvement.

If you like, we can even schedule a call/video call to discuss everything in greater detail.

Fancy grabbing a bargain? Hit the button and give us a shout today.