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Mark Grainger

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Mark Grainger of Blossom Tree Copy Agency standing face on in front of a wooden fence

I’ve been writing for businesses since 2012 and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else I love sitting with owners or department heads and finding out what makes them buzz about their company and their business, because then I get to be excited about it too and learn some interesting new things along the way. My background is in Marketing, PR and Journalism, so whoever your audience is we can find the best way to reach them, and get them engaging in your brand, together.

“[Mark] immediately created a tone of voice across our site that matched our brand values…and created engaging and interesting content for our customers.” John Porrett, Unique Magazines
Mark Grainger of Blossom Tree Copy Agency sitting face on in front of a wooden fence

I’ve worked with international companies, start ups, agencies and everyone in between, and I’d really like to work with you next. This could be the start of something beautiful Whether it’s a single piece of work or a long-term professional relationship you’re looking for, then we should talk. If you make the tea, I’ll bring the words (and some biscuits).

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